Cell Migration and Adhesion

Download the 2014 program here.

Basolateral Filopodia Lead Collective Migration in Epithelial Cells.

David S. Courson, Katy C. Liu, Alan S. Fanning, and Richard E. Cheney.

UNC Chapel Hill

From Cells to Mice: Vimentin in Lung Cancer.

Alessandra Salgueiro, Lauren Havel, Melissa Gilbert-Ross, Adam Marcus.

Emory University

Probing the role of a novel TOG family protein in regulating cilia structure and function.

Alakananda Das, Daniel Dickinson, Cameron Wood, Bob Goldstein, Kevin Slep.

UNC Chapel Hill

F­-actin bundles containing fascin­ 1 direct the initiation and orientation of lamellipodia in migrating fibroblasts.

Heath E. Johnson, Samantha J. King, Sreeja B. Asokan, James E. Bear, and Jason M. Haugh.

North Carolina State University

TRIM9, a neuronally expressed E3 ubiquitin ligase, is a novel regulatory component of the filopodia tip complex.

Shalini Menon, Nick Boyer, Leslie McClain, Stephanie Gupton.

UNC Chapel Hill