Quantitative Approaches

An Optogenetic approach reveals an integrin mediated feedback loop necessary for efficient Rac based protrusion and directed migration.

Seth P. Zimmerman, Sreeja Asokan, Brian Kuhlman, James E. Bear.

UNC Chapel Hill

Unraveling PAR polarity protein interactions with single-cell biochemistry.

Daniel J. Dickinson and Bob Goldstein.

UNC Chapel Hill

Permeabilization activated reduction in fluorescence: A novel method to measure kinetics of protein interactions with intracellular structures.

JL Hawthorne, PP Singh, PR Mehta, NQ Wong, CA Davis, OA Quintero.

University of Richmond

Processive motility of multi-motor kinesin-14 teams underlies regulation of microtubule minus-end dynamics.

Stephen R. Norris, Claire E. Strothman, Ryoma Ohi and Marija Zanic.

Vanderbilt University